A transparent, accountable timber supply chain solution to drastically cut down the $15B USD lost annually by the legal, global timber industry.

The Problem

The World Bank estimates that globally 15 – 30% of timber is harvested and exported illegally. Complex, international supply chains make it almost impossible for businesses, individuals, and governments to know whether their wood has been sourced in compliance with local regulations.

The iov42 Solution

Timber Chain is a first-of-its-kind service that enhances the digital data recording processes for companies, optimises the auditing and certification processes for certifiers, and ensures data integrity by protecting everything on a cryptographically-secure platform. 

This minimizes the risk of illegal timber activity and will instead promote data-driven decision-making and provide a transparent audit trail of actions.

The Timber Chain was first designed to streamline the certification of timber supply chains. However, the platform’s underlying technology and methodology can be adapted and scaled to enhance the traceability and transparency of any climate impact commodity, from palm oil to rubber to cacao.

Who can benefit from this?

Timber Chain can optimise information sharing, certification and auditing capabilities for any actor along the supply chain. Everyone from forest managers to wood product retailers will be able to say goodbye to traditional, labour-intensive models that are costly, largely paper-based, and prone to human error or even corruption.

Why should you engage Timber Chain?

The Timber Chain will be your supply chain’s trusted source of truth. All relevant supply chain stakeholders can access and use the Timber Chain, increasing cross-chain transparency and improving the overall efficiency of auditing.

With the Timber Chain, companies can:

  • Create permanent digital records of commodity stocks, bundling / sorting processes, and shipments
  • Upload all relevant information to be easily accessed and verified by certifiers
  • Digitally receive and store certificates
  • Share shipment information with buyers so they can trace the commodity’s origin

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