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Scale. Trust. Security.

IOV42 Mission Statement

Securing Trust, Globally.

We believe that 20th century digital infrastructure is no longer able to support the 21st century demands for scale, trust, and security. Today’s centralised systems are vulnerable to downtime, cybersecurity risk and being a single point of failure.

At the same time the future of industry infrastructure will be defined by an ever increasing demand for secure, high value digital interactions. Today’s technology is unable to offer the necessary level of trust to meet these needs, at global scale.

IOV42 is the only platform ready to handle your biggest problems.

Scale. Trust. Security.

Switch to the next gear?

Current blockchain projects and vendors still suffer from a variety of limitations.

  • Lack of speed and scalability
  • Limited interoperability
  • Lack of forward secrecy in transactions and identities
  • Not Quantum Computer Proof – ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Signature Algorithm)
  • Standards missing blocking broad industry adoption
  • Laboratory research does not meet the needs of industry

We fix the road for the industry.

Birth of scalable Blockchain


Birth of Cryptocurrency


Birth of Smart Contracts




Hyperledger Project


Birth of Scalable Blockchain

  • Full scalability on a global level:
    “IOV42 can scale blockchain like the internet scales.” – Simon Taylor
  • New category of Distributed Ledger Technology in terms of data architecture, consensus and cryptography.
  • Blockchain framework with complete readiness to market (Industry Grade).

Source: Simon Taylor 11:FS, Expert Review on IOV42

IOV42 Solution

Speed & Scalability

  • Probably the fastest architecture in the market
  • Scalable as the Internet itself

Zero Knowledge Principle

  • Based on hashed identities using strongest cryptography,
  • no user data is known to IOV42

Security & Trust

  • New revolutionary rapid Consensus & Data Protection Innovations

Development Platform

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers etc.

Embracement & Transformation

  • Support of many Industry Standards & Systems
  • Slow Transformation Path


  • Multiple Blockchain Networks

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What makes IOV42 so unique?

IOV42 can offer unmatched scalability

IOV42 is designed to operate with other legacy systems, bringing trust to existing business.

IOV42 fits regulatory and business security constraints.

"IOV42 can scale like the internet itself" - Simon Taylor

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We believe in embracing standards.

We embrace your current software as well as many industry standards like SWIFT, SEPA, as well as FinTechs and other Blockchain and DLT providers like Ethereum etc.

IOV42 Use Cases for almost any industry.

Insurance & Health Care

Media & Telecommunications


IT & Cloud-Services




Supply Chains

IOV42 developed a Multi-Blockchain-Operating-System that can be used for thousands of potential Use-Cases.

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Some of our Innovations

1. ID-Creation and –Verification without the usage of Tokens/Coins (novel Hardware/Software Combination)

2. A revolutionary new Consensus Mechanism (DRME)

3. Hauberk-Protection – a new method to achieve “Proof of Immutability”

4. Smart Transactions - Further Improvements in Smart Contracts

5. IOV42 Hardware Blockchain - Continuously Scalable Performance

6. IOV42 Innovation-Platform Ecosystem


IOV42’s team is based in London, Zurich and Vienna with partners in San Francisco, Moscow, Singapore and Bogota and manages international experts, developers and scientists, collaborating with cryptologists from leading universities in the USA and Europe.

IOV42’s overall architecture and proposition has entirely been designed and created by IOV42’s core team.

A steadily growing team of European software engineers is accountable for high-quality development and continuous improvement of IOV42’s artificially intelligent blockchain solution IOV42 is backed by its network of top-class individuals out of politics, business and science.


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