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Terry Jones

Terry Jones

Managing Director at Credenxia

To support Credenxia's evolution to a decentralised architecture, we needed a partner with established blockchain experience. The iov42 solution formed a solid and secure platform from which to build our workforce compliance portal that utilised W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs). The tools provided by iov42 made integration straightforward, and the support provided throughout was of the highest level.

Adam Grant

Adam Grant

Head of Market Development at Preferred by Nature

We are excited to be working with iov42 to evolve our services to real time, immutable and transparent data controls offering ‘frictionless due diligence’ to all of our clients.

Dick Anning

Dick Anning

Environmental Manager at Carl Ronnow

The introduction of iov42's technology will help to enhance the transparency required today for credible supply chain management, benefitting not just Carl Ronnow, but everyone along the chain. Our recent commitment to this has already received favourable feedback from EU / UK Customers.



Global experts in artificial intelligence & data science

Instead of chaining blocks, iov42 cryptographically chains together transaction proofs in a mesh to ensure their order. Proofs are signed by multiple parties (nodes) and thus they are tamper evident. iov42 is designed to be very flexible, capable of supporting atomic swap transactions natively and easily generalizable in order to be able to model a large range of use cases.

We are proud to partner with industry leading organisations

Climate Chain Coalition
Preferred by Nature
Zurich Carbon Market Association


Our pioneering technology makes harnessing the benefits of DLT simpler and faster.


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