Check out our traceability solution, Interu, to help you reach EUDR compliance
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The identity platform for building trust

We ensure organisations, governments and societies can coordinate confidently in the digital space by enabling trusted, transparent and secure transactions.

Interu: Your Traceability Pathfinder

Built on iov42’s groundbreaking technology, Interu is a traceability solution that puts integrity, accountability and authenticity at your company’s core.

With global challenges like climate change, geopolitical disruption and human rights abuses, traceability is no longer optional. Interu can help aid organisations in reaching compliance, like with the EU Deforestation Regulation, as well as improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and gain better market access.

Our Technology showcased

Discover the potential of iov42

iov42 has transformative practical applications in the most demanding, highly regulated user scenarios.

Digital Product Passport

Tracing materials beyond manufacture and consumption to support the circular economy

Carbon Credit Ecosystem

Making the authentication and exchange of carbon credits transparent and accountable

Fighting Counterfeit

Blending DLT with digital product tagging for new levels of consumer protection

Fighting Financial Crime in Global Markets

Leveraging iov42 to design and deploy new anti-money-laundering solutions

Decentralised Credential Verification

Giving individuals more control of their personal data while reducing centralisation

Music Rights

A transparent, accountable framework for rights creation, transfer and use

Covid Passports

Using digital identity to enhance the distribution of vaccine certification

Software Traceability

Combatting the misapplication and misuse of software, whether through criminality or error

"The introduction of iov42’s technology will help to enhance the transparency required today for credible supply chain management, benefitting not just Carl Ronnow, but everyone along the chain. Our recent commitment to this has already received favourable feedback from EU / UK customers."
Dick Anning
Environmental Manager at Carl Ronnow
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Our journey

Since our foundation, we’ve been focused on enabling trust so that everyone can thrive in a digital society. Today, iov42’s unique technology allows people and organisations to build solutions that permit them to coordinate with complete confidence, establishing and nurturing stronger bonds.

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