The blockchain platform that empowers change.

iov42 has built the core global blockchain operating platform on which governments, companies, and individuals can build groundbreaking applications. The platform combines digital identities linked to digital assets and strong digital certificates, creating the backbone for the future of the internet.

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Core elements of our groundbreaking platform

The iov42 platform uses simple building blocks to create easy-to-use applications on a trusted DLT-powered architecture.

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Identity Modelling

Ensures all actors on the platform are accountable

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Asset Modelling

Enables the handling of virtually any type of digital, certified asset

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Network of Networks

Bridges data locality with global scalability and interoperability

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Open API

Allows hosting of virtually any kind of use case

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Our platform's design builds immutable trust into virtually any use case.

Our core technology combines an identity-centric approach with asset ownership proofs to ensure efficient, secure interactions amongst trusted digital representations of individuals, assets, and organisations.

Digital Identities
Digital Identities
  • Global, verifiable self-sovereign digital identification.
  • Individuals and companies directly control who can access their data.
Digital Assets
Digital Assets
  • Secure, digitised, fully regulated value exchange of any asset.
  • Creates new markets for previously illiquid assets.
  • Asset ownership is tied to identities minimizing the possibility of fraud.
Digital Verified Certificates
Digital Certificates
  • Enables the verification, validation, and certification of the provenance and transactional history of physical and non-physical assets.
  • Allows governments and institutions to address fraud, corruption, and even climate change.

Proud to partner with industry leading organisations

Microsoft Picnic Research Project
Know Center
Climate Chain Coalition
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