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Frequently asked questions

What does iov42 mean?

iov stands for the Internet of Value and it acknowledges our founders’ initial vision of building a next generation of internet, where everyone can trade everything with anyone without trust-building intermediaries. The 42 in our name is a nod to Douglas Adams’ “answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.”

How do we protect and store our data?

Previous proofs are linked to the current proof, creating a mesh which ensures the data cannot be tampered with once it has been committed to the ledger.

What is your block size?

A traditional blockchain measures the size of its blocks by the number of transactions within each block. They tend to take this approach for performance reasons. As we take a different approach, we are able to have a block size of one.

How do you differ from a traditional blockchain?

For each identity and asset type combination we create a chain of transaction proofs. For each transaction, the chains of all the identities and assets involved are combined to form a mesh of proofs.

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