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Introducing the New iov42

By iov42 | 16 June 2021

The Identity Platform for Building Trust

iov42 has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years.  We have gone through the usual growing pains of startup life, adjusted to the shifting DLT marketing, and, most recently, kicked off an ambitious commercialisation strategy in the midst of a global pandemic. 

The past year in particular has marked the beginning of a new era for iov42. 

Starting in the summer of 2020, iov42 began announcing a series of appointments to form a new management team to plan and manage the continued success of iov42.  With the recent appointment of a new Head of Business Development, iov42’s commercialisation leadership team comprises the following 5 members: 

  • Dominic von Trotha Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ryan Worsley, Chief Technology Officer 
  • David Coleman, Chief Product Officer
  • Alexis de Vienne, Head of Strategy and Operations
  • Anna Roberts, Head of Business Development 

The combined expertise of this new management team will be integral to guiding iov42 in this critical and exciting time in our evolution. 

Regarding these leadership appointments and the overall transformation iov42 has undergone, iov42 Co-Founder Robert Zapfel said:

This is the most cohesive team that iov42 has seen since its inception. I feel confident that this is the best team to truly commercialise iov42 and take the company to where it needs to go to be successful.” 

iov42 is also excited to share that in addition to bringing on new leadership, we have launched a new brand identity, as well. 

Our new identity pays homage to iov42’s initial vision of building the infrastructure for a trusted digital society, while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the innovation, progress, and simplicity of iov42. 

The way our identity looks takes inspiration from two core ideas. Firstly, iov42’s technology is a platform that our customers can plug into, something built for its core functionality and not just an end-user aesthetic. Secondly, the trust our technology provides offers peace of mind to its users.

Everything from our angular typography, to our stripped back color palette, to our distinctive illustration style have been carefully chosen to simultaneously communicate our technological offering and the company’s commitment to quality and integrity. 

Altogether, these changes may seem big, but iov42’s vision and core beliefs haven’t changed.

Our ultimate aim remains the same: to help create a digital society built from interconnected groups that can fully trust one another.  Our new management team and refreshed brand identity serve to solidify our mission to establish iov42 as a trustworthy brand that strikes the right blend of technological excellence and creative problem solving for our valued clients. 

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to helping you create trustworthy solutions for many years to come! 

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