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Front-end Developer


iov42 is not just a company; it’s a bold vision to transform the way value is exchanged in the digital world. Imagine an internet where transactions happen as quickly as sharing data – that’s the world we’re building, the Internet of Value (IOV). We’re bridging the gap between tech hype and real-world impact with our innovative iov42 platform. Our mission at iov42 is to empower organisations by digitising their processes on our cutting-edge, purpose-built, platform, ensuring that rules are enforced, proven and adhered to by all stakeholders. Bringing different organisations and networks together on our platform to build trust and value.

We are passionate about the tangible impact our product is making, especially in sectors like sustainable supply chain management and traceability. Our flagship application, Interu (, is leading the charge by enabling organisations to track forest risk commodities across their supply chains and meet sustainability targets and regulations. By doing so, we are actively helping combat deforestation and the illicit trade in commodity supplies. Designed for scalability, Interu supports an ever growing number of supply chains and organisations, with the flexibility to onboard other industries and products seamlessly.

Key responsibilities

We’re a small team located throughout Europe. When we’re looking for new team members, we’re not just looking for fantastic technical skills; we are also looking for people that fit our ethos of being kind, curious and collaborative. One of the ingredients in the secret sauce that has allowed iov42 to flourish is allowing our engineers to explore the problem at hand, rather than expecting them to hammer out code that is ‘good enough’. Instead, we work on hard problems and produce solutions that are new and unique.

In this role, you will be at the forefront of developing Interu, our flagship application, engaging in every stage of the product lifecycle – from design to development to maintaining it. Your focus will be on creating user-friendly interfaces through maintainable code, while actively contributing to the development process by providing valuable input and proposing enhancements.

Required qualifications

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone with a passion for web application development and the ability to deliver
  • Proficiency in Typescript, Angular 14+ (we are using 17), CSS3/SCSS, and HTML5
  • Experience working with RESTful and GraphQL services

Nice to have:

  • Back-end Java development experience
  • Knowledge in the area of DLT


  • A competitive salary
  • 25 days paid leave plus paid public holidays
  • An enhanced pension scheme
  • The opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in Europe or at a WeWork office in London
  • A technical challenge on a project that can make a difference

About iov42

iov42 is a technology company specialising in digital identity, trust, and data integrity. Our purpose built technology helps organisations, governments and societies coordinate confidently by enabling proven, transparent and secure transactions in a decentralised and immutable manner. Launched in February 2024, iov42’s traceability product, Interu, demonstrates how the fundamentals of this technology can be applied to enhance traceability across a range of commodities, countries, and use cases.

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