NEWS: 18% of European Timber Importers Are Not Aware of Incoming Deforestation Legislation
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Securing sustainable supply networks with Timber Chain

The World Bank estimates that 15-30% of timber is harvested and exported illegally. Timber Chain addresses that issue at every stage of the supply chain by enhancing digital and data recording and accountability, optimising auditing and verification, and protecting all data on a cryptographically secure platform.

Timber Chain allows importers, certifiers/verifiers and all other participants in the global supply chain to carry out effective due-diligence and enjoy peace of mind that their wood is sourced according to local regulations. This in turn reinforces trust, transparency and data-driven decision-making, while minimising the risk of illegal activity.

Timber Chain’s underlying technology can be adapted to enhance the traceability and transparency of any commodity, from palm oil and rubber to cacao.

Timber Chain is a first-of-its-kind service that enhances the digital data recording processes for companies, optimises the auditing and certification processes for certifiers, and ensures data integrity by protecting everything on a cryptographically-secure platform. This minimises the risk of illegal timber activity and will instead promote data-driven decision-making and provide a transparent audit trail of actions.

Timber Chain was first designed to streamline the certification of timber supply chains. However, the platform’s underlying technology and methodology can be adapted and scaled to enhance the traceability and transparency of any climate impact commodity, from palm oil to rubber to cacao.

Timber Chain partners

Trust is our end goal and our most cherished value, so it’s no surprise that trusted partnerships are central to our approach. We collaborate with like-minded organisations across multiple sectors to enhance the applicability of our technology, help us deliver for clients and ensure iov42 is used in the service of people, communities and the planet.

"We are excited to be working with iov42 to evolve our services to real time, immutable and transparent data controls offering “frictionless due diligence" to all of our clients."
Adam Grant
Head of Market Development at Preferred by Nature
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