Digital Identities

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Fighting Counterfeiting through Trusted Proofs of Authenticity 

Protecting brands and consumers against the dangers of counterfeit products through customer-friendly, tamper-resistant certificates of authenticity, endorsed by industry experts.

The Problem

Across a diverse range of industriesfrom luxury handbags, to food & beverages, to pharmaceuticalscounterfeit products have become a trillion dollar market worldwide. And despite the best efforts of brands and regulators to fight counterfeiting, the market keeps growing. By 2022, the market for counterfeit goods is estimated to reach a volume of up to 2.8 trillion USD, costing 5.4M jobs. 

The iov42 Solution

iov42 is combining its secure, interoperable, and scalable blockchain operating platform with Quantum Base’s unique quantum identification technology to develop a customer-friendly, tamper-resistant proof of authenticity.