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Senior Software Engineer


We are an early-stage start-up with big ideas – huge ideas in fact. We are developing a transactional platform inspired by blockchain technologies, employing an innovative proof-of-authority consensus protocol allowing users to completely verify what’s going on and who they’re dealing with. We empower organizations by codifying their processes on our platform, whether that’s a timber supply chain or a bank’s mortgage applications.

 Our platform is designed for longevity and to be at the centre of critical transactions. The integrity of our software lies at the very heart of everything we do. We employ a tech-debt first approach to keep our platform maintainable.

 We’re a team of talented, lovely people. When we’re looking for new team members, we’re not just looking for technical skills; we are also looking for folks that fit our ethos of being kind, curious and collaborative. We take time to fully explore the problem and create the best solution.

We are now looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer to join our team!

How we work

We are not fanatical about following a particular methodology; we evolve our ways of working. We have lightweight sprints, stand-ups every other day, and pairing when it makes sense. Our planning sessions generally take half an hour, and our retros are used to produce useful change. We are fully remote with periodic get-togethers to get the brain juices flowing and mingle. We value space to think and work. Our tooling supports an effortless awareness of each other without pushing for constant interaction.


Our Tech Stack

  • Scala in a functional style;
  • Complete coverage with MUnit and extensive use of property testing;
  • Kafka for message delivery and durability;
  • Kubernetes in a cloud-agnostic way;
  • Github for collaboration;
  • Concourse for CI/CD.

Key responsibilities

About the Role

We want an engineer who will enrich our team by bringing excellent functional development and design skills and an appreciation of how to test software. In addition, we value people who are willing to think deeply and creatively about solutions to complex problems and are able to articulate and apply them.

 On a typical day, you’ll be writing Scala code to improve consensus, the next day on our Kubernetes operator, or perhaps pairing with a colleague on API design. Sometimes we mob or swarm, but mostly we thoroughly and constructively review pull requests. We do not put engineers in a box, and you will be expected to contribute in all areas of software development.

Required qualifications

About you

Do you have a passion for functional programming? Does talk of higher kinded types, distributed systems, and cryptography enthuse you? Are you looking for a role that allows you to grow without becoming a manager?  We are looking for:

  • Commercial experience using functional techniques in Scala;
  • An understanding of distributed transactional system design and architecture;
  • Familiarity with messaging systems and trade-offs around delivery guarantees, ideally Kafka and Kafka Streams;
  • A development approach that understands testing and development concerns are fundamentally woven together;
  • A you build it, you run it attitude.


And nice to haves include:

 Experience with containers and Kubernetes;

  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, GCP, or Azure;
  • Experience with consensus protocols or other blockchain-like technologies;
  • Experience with Concourse CI. 

We recognize not everyone will have all of these requirements. If you meet most of the criteria below and you’re excited about the opportunity and willing to learn, you’re the sort of person we’d love to talk to.

 Culturally meshing with iov42 is also important. You will be able to demonstrate that you can live the following values:

  • Quality – attention to detail, excellent written and verbal communication (in English), and you pride yourself on crafting high quality external and internal content. 
  • Integrity – You aim for the highest moral and professional standards. You are comfortable challenging the status quo and helping elevate the ways in which we work internally as well as with clients. You aim for win-win outcomes and are dedicated to creating measurable proof of value for our clients and internal initiatives. All the time whilst delivering great outcomes you are unfailingly humble. 
  • Act like an owner – you hold yourself (and others) to account, you can influence up and across an organisation and you come to work because you are passionate about what we’re trying to do and care about our colleagues, clients and shareholders. In return you will be given freedom and responsibility.
  • Always looking forward – you will be curious about how the world works and how we can solve some of its biggest problems. You are comfortable engaging with technology that is at the forefront of our industry, and which is yet to be scaled in the way we believe it can be. You see mistakes as opportunities to learn, rather than to appoint blame, and you are invested in stretching yourself.


We offer:

A base salary of up to £120k per annum (depending on skills/experience)

25 days holiday (plus public holidays)

Membership of our Group Pension Scheme

Remote or Hybrid Working from City of London Offices, which includes free events, refreshments and discounted gym memberships

A fun, friendly and international environment in a growing company with a start-up vibe;

The opportunity to acquire experience in a highly motivated international team

About iov42

Our technology takes the fundamentals of blockchain to a dynamic new level, strengthening its ability to support business value and meet regulatory requirements. 

For every collaborative value exchange an organisation makes, iov42 provides the technology that enables them to create a solution to answer these five key questions: 

 Who am I transacting with?

  • Do I trust what we’re exchanging?
  • Can I be sure the value exchange has happened digitally?
  • Where is the proof of that value exchange? 
  • How do I know it has happened in accordance with regulation?


Thanks to our dynamic use of digital identities, assets and endorsements, you can always trust who’s on the platform, what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Our values

Trust is also fundamental to who we are as a business. We work hard to understand your needs in all their depth and nuance, while adapting iov42’s capabilities to the specific demands of your sector. Our aim is for you to feel comfortable in our expertise and confident that we’ll deliver on your expectations.

 Our people

Our credibility rests on each of us having a strong sense of responsibility, accountability and ownership. We’re proud of what we’ve built so far, and continue to work with other innovative organizations and people to explore new possibilities.

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