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Frontend Developer


At iov42, we’re at the forefront of innovation, creating cutting-edge solutions that redefine industries and empower businesses. As a Frontend Developer on our team, you’ll be an integral part of a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch web applications.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement captivating user interfaces using Angular frameworks. Transform wireframes, mockups, and designs into high-performance, responsive web applications.

Key responsibilities

  • Technically design, build and maintain advanced applications & features for web frontend applications
  • Responsible for generating maintainable and scalable code for robustness and reliability
  • Play an active part in the development process, giving input and suggesting changes
  • Optimize the user experience of interacting with blockchain technology

Required qualifications

  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Proficient knowledge of Typescript and Angular 14+
  • Proficient knowledge of CSS3/SCSS and HTML5
  • Experience using RESTful services

Nice to have:

  • Experience with building web browser extensions
  • Knowledge in the area of blockchain

Our Frontend Tech Stack:

  • Angular 14+
  • TypeScript 4+
  • SCSS & HTML5


  • A highly competitive salary (£70k-£80k – depending on experience)
  • 25 days paid leave plus paid public holidays
  • An enhanced pension scheme
  • The opportunity to work remotely or at one of our WeWork offices in London

About iov42

Inspired by DLT (distributed ledger technology), but ‘more than a blockchain’, our ambition is to be the identity-centric platform for trust across enterprises and governments. We are relevant to all sectors, geographies and use cases. We have built a secure, energy-efficient and scalable infrastructure platform for organisations to build their own applications directly on top of, for themselves and/or for their own clients. We envision our technology revolutionising ways in which people, organisations, and governments interact.

iov42 was founded when we saw the opportunity of using distributed ledger technology to realise a vision for a new type of internet; one where value can be exchanged as quickly as data is now. The internet of value, IOV. In order to make that a reality we had to overcome the gap between technological hype and real-world application. And we had to do it in a way that was unfailingly trustworthy and reliable. Our team of technical experts quickly began work on developing a novel core technology infrastructure, and four years of engineering and iterative learning later, we have the iov42 platform.

We’re excited to see the practical ways our product is creating impact in the world, not least in the ESG / sustainable supply chain and traceability sector. When multiple organisations or networks begin to connect with each other, it’s particularly satisfying. Because, as a company, our ultimate aim is simple: to help create a digital society built of interconnected groups that can fully trust one another.

We are a relatively early-stage start-up with big ideas – huge ideas in fact. At iov42, we help organisations by digitally codifying their processes on our platform, whether that’s a timber supply chain or a bank’s mortgage applications. And then, we provide proof that their rules are being followed by everyone involved. We do this in a unique way built around verified identities, so that users can completely trust what’s going on and who they’re dealing with. We are developing a transactional platform inspired by blockchain technologies, employing an innovative proof-of-authority consensus protocol.

We’re a small team of (we think) talented, lovely people. When we’re looking for new team members, we’re not just looking for fantastic technical skills; we are also looking for folks that fit our ethos of being kind, curious and collaborative. One of the ingredients in the secret sauce that has allowed IOV42 to flourish is allowing our engineers to explore the problem at hand, rather than expecting them to hammer out code that is ‘good enough. Instead, we work on hard problems and produce solutions that are new and unique.

Our platform is designed for longevity and to be at the centre of critical transactions. The integrity of our software lies at the very heart of everything we do. We take good care of its maintainability by adopting a debt-first approach so that our platform remains maintainable in twenty years.

Our values

Trust is also fundamental to who we are as a business. We work hard to understand your needs in all their depth and nuance, while adapting iov42’s capabilities to the specific demands of your sector. Our aim is for you to feel comfortable in our expertise and confident that we’ll deliver on your expectations.

Our people

Our credibility rests on each of us having a strong sense of responsibility, accountability and ownership. We’re proud of what we’ve built so far, and continue to work with other innovative organisations and people to explore new possibilities.


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