Building the internet of value

The internet was designed for the exchange of information. Yet, what the world needs today is a network that enables the exchange of value.

Lack of Trust

To allow value exchange, currently the world relies on trustworthy middlemen, these often don’t exist.


Even where trust structures exist, significant inefficiencies drive up costs for all parties.

Digital Divide

Much of the world doesn’t have access to the digital services needed to give them economic mobility.


Whilst digital verticals exist, mechanisms to allow value interactions across these verticals prevent the creation of new use cases.

Which requirements does a network built for value exchange need?

Strong Identity

To enable many value interactions, participants must know who they are transacting with.

Asset Management

To provide a network that allows for value exchange the ability to specify asset types is essential.

Regulatory Compliance

Rules and regulations already exist to protect counterparties. Any network must allow for and indeed enable this regulations.


Energy efficiency not only make economic sense but is essential for building a long lasting solution


No one participant can be in a position to exploit, leverage or manipulate any individual’s data.


To support a global network of value exchange, the network must be able to scale as the internet today scales.

iov42 is building the global network operating system that will be the foundation for the Internet of Value.

By adapting pioneering ideas from blockchain, eliminating shortfalls and developing new innovations, iov42 has created a sustainable, usable and scalable solution that can meet these critical demands.

Identity Centric

Many interactions, particularly those that fall under KYC/AML requirements, rely on a strong proof of identity. To support this, iov42 has centered the network around identity.

Unlimited Assets

iov42 is a multi-asset network that can manage virtually any number of asset-types.

Novel Consensus Mechanism

A novel consensus mechanism (DRME) combines high performance with low energy consumption.

Scalable Architecture

Nodes are data centres with unlimited storage, speed and scalability. This unique architecture creates a network that can scale like the internet.

Open-API Framework

Through open API´s, developers can easily develop applications for any use case.

Regulatory Compliance Ready

Building regional, interconnected networks that can comply with existing local regulations.

We provide scalable solutions to the most complex use-cases that benefit from decentralization including supporting a full range of permissioning - public to fully private for enterprises and consumers.

Our design provides the necessary flexibility in order to meet current and anticipated future demands around data locality, ownership and regulatory compliance.

Let’s build the internet of value - Together!

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